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Hi, I'm Chrissy!

I'm an Integrative nutritionist with over 10 years of industry experience working amongst herbalists, naturopaths and nutritionists. I have completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Sport and Exercise Science), a Graduate Diploma in Health Science at the University of Western Sydney, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition at Deakin University, Melbourne. 

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A brief overview of your blood test to see if you are within optimal ranges.

Science Experiments


Hair Tissue and Mineral Analysis testing is a safe and non-invasive pathology test


HAIR 500

A Naturopathic Program developed by Naturopaths in Australia over 30 years of research and now used in over 20 countries throughout the world.

Vegetable Shopping


One-on-one or up to a group of 4 people max.  
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Christine guided me through my pre-conception, pregnancy and post-natal journeys. Before pregnancy, Christine helped me to develop healthy habits and ensure my nutrition and blood work were optimised for conception. When I fell pregnant, Christine helped me to adopt an animal-based diet (also approved by my obstetrician), which gave myself and my baby all the essential nutrients needed for a safe and healthy pregnancy. She also advised me on an optimal pregnancy workout regime which saw me exercising for the majority of the pregnancy (also approved by my obstetrician), which immensely helped with delivery and post-natal recovery. After birth, Christine has guided me with breastfeeding and helped me gently heal my body. We are currently working on losing pregnancy weight, and at four months post-partum, I only have 3kg remaining to return to my pre-pregnancy weight. She has also helped me manage my daughter’s eczema. Christine’s expertise and guidance has optimised my nutrition throughout this journey, ensuring the best possible outcomes for myself and my baby.
Throughout pregnancy I mostly ate an animal-based diet consisting of meat, fish, raw dairy and fruits. I don’t recall eating a single vegetable! My obstetrician approved of this diet, and controversially, advised me it was ok to eat anything I wanted (!) provided it was from a safe and trusted source/restaurant. This meant I enjoyed plenty of cheeses and sashimi during pregnancy - which are my favourite foods!
I had an immensely smooth pregnancy (thank God). My only symptom was fatigue (but otherwise no morning sickness, swelling, etc). My delivery was also incredibly smooth, although it’s important to note I was induced on my due date and opted for an epidural (both on the advice of my obstetrician). I would do it all again exactly the same!
My daughter was born perfectly healthy, and four months in, the difference in behaviour and alertness between her and other babies we know is clear. I largely attribute this, and my pregnancy experience, to eating an organic animal-based diet and exercising throughout pregnancy. I’m sure her foundations are solid, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the wholesome foods which nourished us both.

Monica Sadek

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